There is a very useful method if you want to make enough money using Google Adsense and Adwords: arbitrage.

Adsense arbitrage is the simultaneously use of Adsense and Adwords and make profit from their differential pricing. In this, the webmaster advertises his website using the Google Adwords program wherein he pays for every visitor to his site. When these visitors clisk on advertisements (Adsense) on his website, he stads to make some money. If the money made from Adsense is greater than the money spent on Adwords, there is a profit to be taken home.

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is find all the possible keywords that could be used in your content statistically, make sure that all the keywords are relevant to your content. It is a good strategy to go in for misspelt words which are often searched in many search engines and especially that of Google's Adsense. Doing research properly on the Internet gives you an added advantage over your rivals, because you know exactly what people are looking for and what content you're supposed to provide in order to have those advertisements correctly on your website.

I guess the things are clearer for you now, let us go on and look how you can actually make some money out of this programme. You can do two-way marketing and advertising using the Adwords and Adsense programme, you can buy Adwords so as to increase the amount of traffic to your website and then use the Adsense programme so that people who come to your website can click on the advertisements provided on that page that are obviously relevant to the kind of search they were doing on the search engine. Suppose if you pay 0.5 dollars for every visitor who visits your page and in turn those visitors go on to click the advertisements, even if 50 percent of people go ahead and click on the advertisements provided you tend to make a profit of around 40%, which is a good percentage of revenue to start with. With this cycle increasing, you would find yourself using both the Adwords and the Adsense programs in tandem with one another.

The above provided example is just a modest prediction of what you could do using this system. There are many things that you can do to make sure your earning are consistently on the rise and you are doing well in the scheme of things. Let us look at some of the variable factors below.

EPC (Earnings per click) could be enhanced if you would sieve off low paying advertisements in your Adsense account.

You might boost visitors you generate from Adwords by escalating the number of keywords you bid on.

A variation of this model is to buy traffic using Adwords and then redirect them to various affiliate networks CPA programs. When visitors sign up for an offer, you make money. With the cost of Adsense and Adwords closing and arbitrage opportunities reducing, this Adwords-CPA arbitrage opportunity is a safer bet.