Creating Amazon Affiliate Niche Stores

An Amazon niche store, if suitably established is a very good source of income. All that you have to actually do is find a proper niche and a corresponding script, so that you can draw out the products from the list provided in the affiliate networks and then you have to go ahead and make the good layouts to advertise your niche store in proper places and lay back having made sure that you are going to get enough money at the end of the month.

The first step in creating a niche store is to get the approval of many affiliate networks from where you have decided to get all your products from, the most popular and the most attractive way to do this is to go to the eBay partners network, which over the years has become very popular and has gone from strength to strength. These networks let you sell your products through many affiliate stores and gives commissions for it. There is a software called "Build a niche store" - it is one of the best software for creating niche stores on Amazon. You can use the software effectively to create any number of stores for your niche segment.

But there is one problem with the eBay partners' network. They claim that almost everybody is welcome into the network and everybody gets the equal chances. But the underlying truth behind this is that automatic rejection system in the EPN does not allow you to redress in case you are excluded from doing business, irrespective of the experience and expertise, they would make sure that you do not join them again if they deem so necessary. Therefore it is better to forget the eBay partners' network program and look forward to Amazon.

The below mentioned script is among the Best Affiliate Stores for Amazon:

There are a few scripts that are free and others that ask for some monthly fees which are quite reasonable. There are several others which work on the basis of commission given by you on a part of your affiliate fee that would go to the developers. I have mentioned below some of the reasons why you should opt for the Associate-o-Matic, an associate affiliate program in Amazon.

- The main reason why so many people are attracted to it is because it is simple to apply. You could create simple Amazon Affiliate Niche store within 10-15 minutes without any practice at all. The main objective of this programme is to create as many stores as technically possible in the shortest amount of time. Once you come to know the trick of creating niche stores then you can create as many as you want in a limited amount of time to reap the best benefits.

- This programme allows you to include content in your store page, you can in fact include many of the things like top and bottom text boxes and can insert keywords just like in BANS. You could go ahead and build many independent pages as well.

- This programme can be easily optimised for all the search engines and in fact it has a panel that contains an option for mod rewrite. You could choose one of these options which let you modify your code later in your .htaccess file. You can also include Adwords and keyword descriptions so that your store gets more traffic resulting into higher revenues.

Cost is also one of the most important factors why people tend to choose this programme over others. You just have to pay a meagre sum of $97 for a lifetime membership and you would be allowed to create any number of affiliate stores.