Paid Blogging

If you are an avid blogger then the simplest way for you to make money online is to create a blog on a topic of your interest. You could advertise various products on your blog. This is now very simple due to the various affiliate networks on the internet. In fact you can go ahead and sell your own products too on your product. Alternatively you may choose to join a paid blogging network and earn from each post published on the blog.

For anyone looking to market their products online and for advertising agencies, blogs such as the ones that are focused on their products are the right place where they could actually find their intended audience easily. The advertising company would need an area on the page in order to display their advertisement. These advertisements fetches them their intended audience, and in turn you get paid for every click on that particular advertisement. And if you chose any blog network to host your blog then the advertisers who put up banners on your page would pay the blog network and you would get paid in turn by the network. The rates for various advertisements vary depending on the kind of products which you are promoting on your blog and several other factors like traffic and other dependencies.

The paid blogging system is very easy and you could begin by signing up at one of the sponsored and affiliated blogging networks and provide them with sufficient information such as your blog address, your e-mail ID and a few other things which might be asked from you. There are quite a few criteria that you have to fulfill before signing up for any sponsored blog network. Many blog networks expect the blog to be at least a few months old and others have other conditions depending on their services. Once you have signed up for any of these blog networks then they send you a mail confirming that you have joined the network of blogs. The e-mail would contain several offers for you from the blogging network; they would usually give you the phrases which you might have to include in your blog post. Most of the paid blogging services require you to submit the page of the post so that they could include their advertisements in it, there are several others which also expect you to guarantee them that you would post stipulated number of posts every month. Most also expect the paid post to be available on the front page of your blog for at least a few days.

If you are not willing to sign up for any of the paid blogging sites and wish to remain independent then you can actually create content on you blog and go in for a service such as Google Adsense. There are several other advertising ways that you can pick up in order to make money using your blog like cost-per-action or pay-per-view programs. You can join these yourself too in an attempt to become a professional blogger! The affiliate networks are very easy to join and with some browsing around you should find quite a few. You only have to make sure that your blog has high keywords density so that it becomes search engine optimized, keep the content simple and straightforward and do not try to clutter your keywords. This will help your blog to get high traffic which would result in more people clicking on advertisements which appear on your blog and eventually result in money for you.